TIMBRE Store has several policy privacy in this website (www.timbrestore.com):

TIMBRE Store collect every basic information of the user in this website such as, page that you see, the time when you visit our website, IP address that you use, your country, hardware that you use, etc.

Every information that we collected just only use for the analysis of timbrestore.com website. Your information will not be transferred for others matter. Every information that we collected is not related to your personal data.

You can always turn off the cookies’ feature by changing it in your hardware. We don’t recommend this because that can distract the features in this website. We will not sell your personal data. We will use your information just for the development of this website.

If you have a question regarding the privacy policy in timbrestore.com, please don’t hesitate to contact us through email: support@timbrestore.com.



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Privacy Policy
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